Thermal Conductive Materials

In the electronics industry miniaturization and greater levels of performance are key trends. The placement density of electronic components on the PCBs is constantly increasing, resulting in higher heat production, and even causing fire.

ELANTAS Europe has developed a series of thermally conductive casting compounds to counteract this problem.

How to protect your electronic module with little effort?

This category describes a series of thermally conductive, electrically insulating materials, so-called thermal interface materials (TIM).

These products are available as easy-flowing and self-levelling setting compounds. Besides good thermal conductivity, the materials also furnish additional corrosion protection.

The products described in the overview have the following properties in common:
– Two-component Gap Fillers and Potting materials based on Silicones as well as Polyurethanes
– Temperature range -50°C to +200°C depending on material and chemistry
– Flexible mechanical properties for stress compensation
– Excellent electrical insulating properties
– Self-extinguishing properties possible

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